The Christ Cathedral Music Ministry serves the vast, multicultural community of the Diocese of Orange - the 10th largest diocese in the United States. Choirs in three languages, two large organs, and a 52-bell carillon serves eleven weekly parish masses as well as Episcopal services specific to a Cathedral including Chrism Mass, Ordinations, and Diocesan gatherings throughout the year.

In December of 2015, Dr. John A. Romeri was named the first Director of Music and Organist. John has developed both the Cathedral Music Program and founded the Christ Cathedral Concert Series, establishing the cathedral as a center for the arts in Orange County. The series features an annual “Christmas at the Cathedral” concert involving the entire music ministry and orchestra. The music staff also includes David L. Ball, Assistant Director of Music and Organist, Mr. Huy Doai Le, Director of Vietnamese Music Ministries, and Lauren McCaul, Cathedral Music Administrator.

The Cathedral building (formerly the Crystal Cathedral) hosts the famed Hazel Wright Pipe Organ, the fifth-largest pipe organ in the world with 293 ranks and 17,106 pipes. It has been restored by the Ruffatti Pipe Organ Builders in Padua, Italy, and rededicated on May 15, 16 and 17, 2020. The Arboretum has its own wonderful organ, the "Fred Swann" Organ, a 1951, 4-manual, 82-rank Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ installed in 1996. It has 4,949 pipes and 6 Walker digital stops.

Our Choirs include:
The English Cathedral Choir (9:30 AM Sunday Mass)
The Spanish Cathedral Choir (11:15 AM Sunday Mass)
The Vietnamese Cathedral Choir (special occasions, Holy Week and Easter)
The Diocesan Children’s Choir (5 PM Saturday, usually the second Saturday of the month)
The Diocesan Choir (for special diocesan celebrations)

Listen LIVE each Sunday at 9:25 AM PT

"Music from the Tower” a radio program featuring the best of Sacred and Classical music airs each Saturday at 10 PM on AM-1000 or AM-930


Christ Cathedral’s Music Director receives the
2019 Paul Creston Award in New York City

Choir Auditions for Cathedral and Diocesan Choirs

The Christ Cathedral Music Ministry would like to invite you to join one of our wonderful Diocesan or Cathedral choirs!  The mission of our ministry is to serve and praise God through song. Those who have the desire to praise God through singing and who possess musical skill & talent should consider auditioning for one of our wonderful choirs:

Cathedral English Choir under the direction of Dr. John Romeri, rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:30PM and sings at the Sunday, 9:45AM Mass 

 Cathedral Spanish Choir under the direction of Dr. Ricardo Soto, rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30PM and sings at the Sunday, 11:30AM Mass

 Cathedral Vietnamese Choir under the direction of Mr. Huy Le, rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30PM and sings at the Sunday, 1:15pm Mass

 Diocesan Children’s Choir under the direction of Dr. John Romeri, rehearses on Saturday mornings at 10am twice per month and sings at the Saturday, 4:30pm Mass once a month as well as for special Diocesan celebrations throughout the year.

Auditions will be held:

5.15.19 - 5.18.19 
6.10.19 - 6.13.19
9.9.19 - 9.12.19 ***preferred dates for children’s choir
9.16.19 - 9.18.19 ***preferred dates for children’s choir

 To sign up for an audition, please set-up a time through our audition website:


Auditions will include sight-reading, vocalizing and pitch memory exercises to give the director an assessment of your skills – you do not need to bring a piece to sing or prepare anything!

For more details, please contact the Music Ministry Office - Lauren McCaul, Cathedral Music Administrator – (714) 971-2141, x5529, Email:lmccaul@christcathedralparish.org

Diocesan Children’s Choir has a Successful Tour
to San Francisco and Oakland California.

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Walker Digital Organ installed in the Cathedral as we wait for the Hazel Wright Pipe Organ to be reinstalled and dedicated.

Mr Huy Doai Le Becomes Christ Cathedral’s
First Vietnamese Music Director

Since age 14, Mr. Le has been involved in Music Ministry for his local parish. After graduating from the National University of Art and Education with a BM in Music Education in 2012, he continued his studies in Symphony Orchestra Conducting at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.  He then became a Choir Director for the Thai Ha Parish and went on to continue his ministry at the St. Joseph’s CathedralHanoi, serving both the Vietnamese and English communities.

He has conducted many choirs – the undergraduate choir of Theory & Composition, Conducting Department of VNAM, Solart Vietnam Choir, Hanoi International Choir, Freude Choir (Japanese choir), Vietnam National Opera& Ballet Choir, Vietnam National University of Art Education Choir, and many church choirs.  Mr. Le has also served asguest Chorus Master for the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra since 2015.

Mr. Le was founder and conductor of the Hanoi Catholic Youth Choir (HCYC), which received much acclaim from viewers when they competed on the reality TV show “Vietnam’s Got Talent” Season 2015-2016, in the final round. The HCYC just won the 5thVietnam International Choir Competition held by Interkultur in June 2017. This competition was comprised of 32 choirs from 10 different countries and regions. The HCYC received the Silver Prize, Level 10 in the Sacred Choral Music Category. With the Solart Female Choir, he also received the Silver Prize at the 10thAnnual International Johannes Brahms Choral Competition in Wernigerode, Germany in July 2017.

Mr. Le is excited to join the Music Ministry here at Christ Cathedral Parish and looks forward to working with all of the Vietnamese choirs & community, as well as all of the many choirs of Christ Cathedral.  He asks for your prayers and blessings as he begins his journey.

Lê Đoài Huy sinh năm 1990. 

Ngay từ năm 14 tuổi, Lê Đoài Huy đã tham gia ban thánh nhạc trong vai trò là chỉ huy hợp xướng tại nhà thờ địa phương của anh. Saukhi tốt nghiệp cử nhân sư phạm âm nhạc năm 2012,  anh theo học chỉ huy dàn nhạc giao hưởng tại Học viện Âm nhạc Quốc gia Việt Nam.  Anh trở thành một trong những chỉ huy hợp xướng của giáo xứ Thái Hà và Nhà thờ lớn Hà Nội, phục vụ cả thánh lế tiếng Anh và tiếng Việt. 

Anh từng chỉ huy nhiều dàn hợp xướng: hợp xướng sinh viên khoa Âmnhạc học– Sáng tác – Chỉ huy, hợp xướng Sol art Việt Nam, Hợpxướng Quốc tế Hà Nội, Hợp xướng Freude, Hợp xướng nhà hát nhạc vũ kịch Việt Nam, Hợp xướng trường Đại học Sư phạm Nghệ thuật Trung ương và nhiều hợp xướng nhà thờ khác…. Anhcũng là chỉ huy hợp xướng khách mời của Dàn nhạc giao hưởng Việt Nam từ năm 2015. 

Đặc biệt anh là người sáng lập và chỉ huy chính thức của Dàn hợp xướng trẻ Công giáo Hà Nội. Đây là dàn hợp xướng non trẻ tuy nhiên đã gây dựng được nhiều sự chú ý trong cộng đồng yêu nhạc hợp xướng với việc tham gia Game Show truyền hình Tìm kiếm tài năng Việt Nam (VN’s got talent) mùa 2015-2016; tại cuộc thi này, dàn hợp xướng đã lọt vào đêm chung kết. Anh đã dẫn Dàn hợp xướng trẻ Công giáo Hà Nội tham gia Cuộc thi hợp xướng quốc tế Việt Nam lần thứ 5 tổ chức tại Hội An (Quảng Nam) do tổ chức liên minh văn hóa thế giới Interkultur tổ chức. Cuộc thi quy tụ 32 dàn hợp xướng từ 10 nước tham gia. Tại đây, dàn hợp xướng của anh đã đạt giải Bạc X cho phần dự thi bảng Thánh ca. Cùng với dàn hợp xướng nữ Solart, anh cũng đoạt giải bạc tại Cuộc thi hợp xướng quốc tế Johannes Brahms diễn ra tại thành phố Wernigerode (Đức) tháng 7 năm 2017. 

Lê Đoài Huy rất vui mừng tham gia ban thánh nhạc tại Giáo xứ Chính toà Chúa Ki-tô và mong muốn được làm việc với các hợp xướng & cộng đoàn Việt Nam tại đây, cũng như toàn bộ các hợp xướng của Giáo xứ Chính toà Chúa Ki-tô. Anh mong muốn nhận được lời cầu nguyện và chúc lành từ các bạn cho hành trình của anh tại đây. 

Concert 19-20_ad .jpg
REV USA_Poster_2019_A3_ChristCathedral_AW_DIGI_1.jpg

Music From the Tower.jpg


Each Saturday at 10 PM on 

KHJ 930-AM & KCEO 1000-AM or OCCatholic.com/radio

or as a PODCAST after it airs.  

Episode No. 62 Saturday, May 25, 2019 Roger W. Sherman, Musician, Radio Host, Organist, Producer and Publisher.

We were able to catch up with one of the busiest men on the planet, Roger Sherman. He was right here on our campus for four days recording our very first CD for Loft Recordings (Gothic). Our choirs enjoyed having him work with us for our premiere recording of the all of the pieces used for our Cathedral Dedication. He has given so much to all of us in the musical world. As Artistic Director, Emeritus. Orcas Choral Society, a 50-voice community chorus, for 6 years he programmed a wide variety of repertoire, including the newly published 1733 version of Bach’s B minor mass, first performances of new works by Dave Brubeck and Andre Thomas (among others). As the Host of “The Organ Loft”, an hour-long weekly radio program about choral and organ music, broadcast throughout Washington and Oregon (25 years), his program is currently KING-FM’s highest-rated program on Sundays in Seattle.  After more than 30 years of service, he was named the Associate Organist, Emeritus, Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle. Since, 1988, he has been a Publisher/Producer for Loft Recordings, LLC (dba The Gothic Catalog), which publishes audiophile-quality recordings of choral and organ music. He is the Executive Producer of over 300 choral and organ recordings; recording engineer/editor/mastering for dozens of recordings for Loft, Clarion, Gothic and reZound. Loft has become an international leader in its field and has been awarded with several Grammy nominations. (www.gothic-catalog.com) and numerous other awards.  In addition to being an amazing musician, Roger has worked for Microsoft, serving as Quality Assurance Manager creating many of the Microsoft program we all use each day. We are thrilled and honored to have had him work with us here at Christ Cathedral to produce our first CD. You will enjoy a fascinating hour with this extraordinary musician who came to visit us in the tower.

MUSIC: La de Belombre Jacques Duphly Roger Sherman, harpsichord
MUSIC: O Beauty Ever Ancient James Buonemani, St. James Choir, Los Angeles
MUSIC: No One Sparrow is Forgotten arr. William Hawley Chorale Arts NW Robert Bode, Conductor
MUSIC: Sure on this Shining Night Morten Lauridsen
MUSIC La Romanensca Antonio Valente Live performance at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral Seattle Roger Sherman, Organist
MUSIC: The Altar Roland Martin All Saints Episcopal, Beverly Hills, CA Dale Adelmann, Conductor

Roger Sherman “in the Tower!!”

Roger Sherman “in the Tower!!”

On Monday and Tuesday, August 27-28, 2018, the Organ Console and Pedalboard hoisted into the Choir Balcony.   See all of the events and history of the Hazel Wright Organ.

Saturday night, October 13, 2018 was the lighting of all of the Quatrefoils and entrance into the cathedral by the Bishops, donors, and all of our choirs, Diocesan Choir, Diocesan Children’s Choir and all three of our Cathedral Choirs, English, Spanish and Vietnamese. It was a great milestone in the completion of our cathedral to have us actually sing in our new home for the first time. The Cathedral Dedication is July 17, 2019. The Hazel Wright Organ should be playing and dedicated by January 2020.

Christmas at the Cathedral Concert, Friday December 14, 2018. Diocesan Choir, Diocesan Children’s Choir, Cathedral Choirs, English, Spanish, Vietnamese!