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Episode 10  August 12, 2017   LIBERA , Robert Prizeman, Founder, Conductor, Composer, Arranger
and Three of the Singers from Libera: Peter Kiety, Alex Gula and Leo Barron

Libera is a world renowned Boys Choir from South London, England.  Unlike of the English Boy Choirs, they are not based in a famous college or English Cathedral, but instead are from many churches in South London.  Their founder and conductor Robert Prizeman, has created a "Boy Band" of sorts and a world-wide phenomenon, now having performed in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Having sung for the Queen, Popes, on TV shows and TV Specials, and for millions of fans everywhere, their arrangements, many of which are written by Prizeman, help them achieve their unique sound and their lighting effects make their shows unforgettable experiences.  In addition to their "shows" and tours they usually sing two Masses per weekend.   They recently performed at Christ Cathedral and sang a Mass at the Cathedral at the close of the annual Diocesan Children's Choir Camp.  Hear from Robert Prizeman and three of the singers all about this amazing choir explain just how all this came to be and just what it is like being a part of this breathtaking choir.

Music: all performed by LIBERA

Sanctus  (based upon the Pachelbel Canon)
Angeli Dei   by Robert Prizeman  from their new album HOPE
Wayfaring Stranger    from their new album HOPE
Joyful Joyful we adore Thee   Beethoven/ Prizeman

Episode 9  July 22, 2017   Melissa Weidner, Carillonneur

Melissa is one of the principal performers on the Arvella Schuller Carillon on the Christ Cathedral Campus.  In this Episode, find out about the Carillon as an instrument, and what it takes to play one, especially at Christ Cathedral.  Enjoy exploring this unusual instrument, its history, the locations of the major carillons in the US, where they are cast, and even who composes for this instrument.  Christ Cathedral Carillon is very unusual….find out why!  Installed in 1990 its 52 bells weight from 13 pounds to 6,270 pounds.  All this and more on this weeks’ Music from the (Bell) Tower!

Music:  All performed by Melissa Weidner, Carillonneur

Prelude 8 by Matthias van den Gheyn
Prelude 7 by Joannes Franciscus Volckerick
Image No. 2 by Emilien Allard
“Toccata Festevole” from Suite No. 1 for Carillon by John Courter  

Episode 8:  Saturday, July 15, 2017  Anne Tomlinson, Artistic Director for the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and Diana Landis, Director of the Apprentice Choir for the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and Director of the Children’s Choir program for Our Lady Queen of Angels, Newport Beach, CA

Hear from Anne Tomlinson, the Artistic Director for 21 seasons of the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus.  Hear the history of this amazing LA institution which serves over 400 children from 50 communities across Southern California.  These young singers perform with LA Phil, LA Opera, on numerous TV shows, and more!  They have toured North and South America, Africa, China, Cuba, Australia, Japan and Europe!  Hear from Anne and Apprentice Choir Director, Diana Landis, about the choir and its many tours and special performances.
Enjoy a bit about how Diane and Anne come to their own musicianship and outstanding careers. 
Hear about the audition process and just how to become part of this spectacular program. Hear about WHY a Children’s Choir program is so important. Finally hear about special projects for the choirs and their directors as they enter the final year under Anne Tomlinson’s leadership.

Salve Regina             Josu Elberdin     LACC Concert Choir
Choral Hymns from Rig-Veda       Gustav Holst     LACC Concert Choir           
            III.   Hymn to the Waters
In these Delightful Pleasant Groves     Henry Purcell   Apprentice Choir
Yo Le Canto              Venezuelan Folk Song     LACC Concert Choir

Episode 7  Saturday, July 9, 2017  John Alexander, Conductor, Educator  

Artistic Director (of the Pacific Chorale) since 1972, John Alexander is one of America's most respected choral conductors. His inspired leadership both on the podium and as an advocate for the advancement of the choral art has generated international respect and acclaim.

Segment 1:  John’s early years, beginning music at age 6; Son of a Choir Director and grandson of a Methodist minister from the South. Undergraduate study at Oberlin and Doctoral studies at University of Illinois. Teaching days at Cal State Northridge and Fullerton.
Music: Chanson Éloignée by Morten Lauridsen from the album American Voices with the John Alexander Singers

Segment 2:  We talk about his 44 years with the Pacific Chorale, and their history before John AND after John!
Music:  The Shore by Frank Ticheli recorded by the Pacific Chorale.  The 3rd movement: The Black Gondola.

 Segment 3: Pacific Chorale Tours..the Highlights!
Music:  Motet No 3.  Therry Escaich   “Kyrie”   recorded live with the Pacific Chorale and the composer as the organist.

Segment 4:  Finally, John as College Educator, Master Conductor and Commissioner of new American Works for Choir.  Hear about what is next for this amazing musician.
Music:  There Shall Be Rest by Frank Ticheli recorded by the Pacific Chorale. 

Episode 6 Saturday, July 1, 2017  Frederick Swann, Organist   “Crown Prince of the King of Instruments!”

Segment 1:  Fred’s early years in Virginia; Son of a Methodist Bishop and became the church organist at 10 years old!  Study at Northwestern University and Union Theological Seminary in New York.  Substitute organist at Riverside, St. Bartholomew’s, and Brick Church.
Music Fugue on the Great Theme of the Carillon of Soissons Cathedral, Maurice Duruflé from the Album The Mystic Organ, recorded at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC   Fred Swann, Organist

Segment 2:  The Riverside Church Years, 1957 – 1982. 
Music:  Bells of Riverside, Seth Bingham.  From the album, Riverside Revisited.  Fred Swann, Organist.

Segment 3: The Crystal Cathedral Years, 1982 – 1998.
Music:  O Magnify the Lord written by Fred Swann in honor ofArvella Schuller’s 60th Birthday. From the Album, O Magnify the Lord, The Crystal Cathedral Choir.  Gothic G-49048

Segment 4:  First Congregational, Los Angeles, 1998 – 2001…and beyond. 
Music:  Fugue on “St. Denio” by John Weaver.  Written for Fred Swann’s retirement from Crystal Cathedral. From the Album, Great Organs of First Church, Vol. 1, Fred Swann, organist.Gothic, G - 49118

Episode 5: Saturday, June 24, 2017   Mary Wilson, Soprano  

"Shining soprano Mary Wilson, a gift from the gods if I ever heard one…her singing was exquisite.”San Francisco Classical Voice

 This amazing soprano super-star, recently sang here in Orange County with The Pacific Symphony and the Pacific Chorale.  What a great talent!  She is a long-time friend of MUSIC FROM THE TOWER host, John Romeri, and together that review the spectacular career of this outstand musician: her beginnings, her education, her years in St. Louis with the St. Louis Bach Society and Christ Episcopal Cathedral, and finally her work in Memphis.  Enjoy the insights into the life of this great American Soprano.

Quoniam from Handel Gloria   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GN8F4DQ/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk19

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth from Handel Messiah    https://www.amazon.com/Handels-Messiah-Cathedral-Jeffrey-Thomas/dp/B01LWJ6HZ5/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1496872180&sr=8-1&keywords=handel+messiah+american+bach

Kyrie from Haydn Lord Nelson Mass   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2KTKDU/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1

Alleluia from Handel Silete venti    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GN8EWMK/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk5 

Episode Four:  Saturday, June 17, 2017   Peter Phillips, Founder and Conductor of the Tallis Scholars

Segment 1: Hear from a man who has founded and conducted the Tallis Scholars.....since 1973...over 2000 concerts, over 60 recordings! Hear how he founded the group and why! He will describe his training and what led him to the founding of this world-famous group.

Byrd Mass for 5 voices: Gloria      https://app.box.com/s/e8cizhu2zc3kdop3lcz6

Segment 2: TALLIS SCHOLARS since 1973. And why Tallis Scholars? Why not the Byrd Scholars? Tomkins Scholars? Was there an original intent to study and perform only the works of Tallis?  Hear from founder Peter Phillips.   Hear the first reaction from American audiences on their first American tour.

Pärt - Magnificat      https://app.box.com/s/uuz8swe28f2chjb9pw7i1fuqn8l28a34

Segment 3:   What is next for the Tallis Scholars? What is next for Peter Phillips? Find out on MUSIC FROM THE TOWER

Pärt - Nunc dimittis      https://app.box.com/s/xwdo6kywd87vt8se4s2iz6rowih521v3

Segment 4:   Hear more about the singers of Tallis Scholars.  Their selection process and maybe even a little singer horror story!! 

Palestrina - Sicut Lilium      https://app.box.com/s/ctq7sov23qkq7u0xmxbgfn5489vp1xrk

EPISODE THREE:  Saturday, June 10, 2017  Virgil Funk, Founder and first President of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) 

Segment 1: We speak about the founding of NPM and its influence on the music-making of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Segment 2:  We discuss a conference that Fr. Funk and Dr. Romeri both attended in Rome entitled “Music and Culture” with musicians from around the world, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Papal Document, Musicam Sacram.

Segment 3-4:  We speak of great musicians and educators in the field of Sacred Music, highlighting especially Dr. Paul Salamunivich and Fr. Lawrence Heiman, C.PP.S.

MUSIC:  All of the music for this episode is taken from a CD entitled Paul Salamunivich Conducting the NPM Convention Choir, recorded live at the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Segment 1:   Festival Hymn of Thanksgiving arr. Paul Sjolund


(The same piece but from a different album)

Segment 2 :  Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.  arr. Ronald Arnatt

Segment 3:  Were You There   arr. Sue Wallace

Segment 4:  The conclusion of “Holy God”

Dr. Paul Jacobs, Concert Organist and Organ Professor at The Juilliard School in New York,
David L. Ball, Organist and Assistant Director of Music, Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, California
Michael T. C. Hey, Organist and Assistant Director of Music, St. Patrick Cathedral, New York City.

Hear from one of the finest organists in the world about his life, his early days becoming an organist, studying at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, his amazing career as both famous teacher and concert artist.  As a Grammy-winning artist, Dr. Jacobs tells of his grand projects, from the playing of the complete works of Bach at the age of 23, to commissioning works for and playing with the most famous orchestras around the country.  He will be joined by two of his students who now play for two of the largest churches in the country, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  This is a fascinating look these great musicians in both the concert world and the world of Sacred Music in the church.  As fierce champions for the Pipe Organ, and as performers on some of the largest and greatest organs in the country, hear their predictions for the future of the organ in the church and in concerts halls.


Segment 1    Fugue in D Major, BWV 532    J. S. Bach   Recorded LIVE at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC


Segment 2:  American Mavericks Album:  Lou Harrison: Concerto for Organ and Percussion Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor, Paul Jacobs, Organist   Fourth Movement.


Segment 3: Livre du Saint Sacrement:  III. Le Dieu cache (The Hidden God), Olivier Messiaen, Paul Jacobs's GRAMMY-winning album


Segment 4:, Divine Redeemer Album:  Christine Brewer, Soprano, Paul Jacobs, Organ, 12 Pieces, Op. 59:  No 6Fugue in D Major, Max Reger


EPISODE ONE:  May 27, 2017    "The Music of Christ Cathedral"  
with Bishop Kevin Vann, Fr Christopher Smith and Dr. Patricia Lamb

GUESTS:  Bishop Kevin Vann, Bishop of Orange, Father Christopher Smith, Rector of Christ Cathedral, Dr. Patricia Lamb, Director of Music and Organist, Our Lady, Queen of Angels, and head of the Music Task Force, who created the vision for the Music Program of Christ Cathedral and the hiring of the first Music Director.

Enjoy Bishop Vann and Fr. Christopher talk about their beginning studies as a musician and just how their musical life led them to religious life.  They detail their musical hopes and dreams for the new Christ Cathedral.  Dr. Patricia Lamb joins them to explain the work of the Diocesan Music task Force which together with Bishop Vann and Fr. Christopher formed the vision for the musical life of this wonderful new cathedral.

Support Christ Cathedral on Amazon SMILE and purchase the music you hear on the show!  https://smile.amazon.com

Chosen by Bishop Vann:
Hymn Prelude on Rhosymedre or "Lovely", Todd Wilson, In a Quiet Cathedral              http://a.co/2WY6LoM
Toccata from the Fifth Symphony, Virgil Fox, The Digital Fox, Volume II, http://a.co/hiQRt6T

Chosen by Fr. Christopher:
Fugue in g minor, BWV 578, "Little G Minor",  Ton Koopman.  Bach: Complete Organ Works       http://a.co/1t3yazt

Chose by Dr. Lamb:  Let all the world in every corner sing  Southwestern Seminary Oratorio Chorus & The Fort Worth Chamber Orchestra Masterworks Montage http://a.co/6G0I08B


Support Christ Cathedral on Amazon SMILE and purchase the music you hear on the show!!